Custom Design

Let Us Design For You

For you, our clients, both large and small, we are happy to develop a crew uniform design solution specific to your exact needs.

For larger sized orders there are also options to provide bespoke designed fabrics and trims incorporating your specific colours and logos.

We work closely with clients to ascertain their realistic deadlines and key dates so we can ensure that unique prints and garments are developed to work within their time frames and are in place when they need them.

We believe the secret to a successful custom design and supply uniform is the attention to detail during all stages of the design process. Your Account Manager will guide you through this process and ensure you receive the uniform you desire.

When we form a proposal/design board for a client, we will also give some indicative costings. This ensures no surprises or ‘blowouts’ in budget. 

Whether you're speaking to us for the first time or if your budget changes, we will still look for the right uniform solution for your crew and vessel.


What Are Storyboards?  Storyboards are a visual concept outlining your uniform requirements. This is a service we can offer as part of your ordering process. Please see below for examples.


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Imagine Polo SML 4027 Womens Seaport Blouse SML Mens Slim Fit Shirt SML Womens Shirt Dress SML
Womens Square Neck Dress SML Womens Dress Pant SML Vodafone Hoodie SML Mens Asahi Short 2 SML
Womens Asahi Boardshorts Mens Cargo Short SML E4407 Womens Pedal Pusher SML Mens Dress Pant Red SML